How is Valentine’s Day Celebrated Today?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year by millions of people in the US and across the world. It’s common for people in romantic relationships to arrange meals, give gifts or send flowers on the 14th February.

What Are The Most Common Valentine’s Day Symbols and Gifts?

Today, the most common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, flowers and pictures of Cupid. The colors red and pink are used for almost all Valentine’s day material. Cupid, who in Roman mythology shot people through the heart, is a common symbol. This is because people in love are sometimes said to have been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Popular gifts for Valentine’s Day include:

  • Teddy bears
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry

It’s also common for couples to spend Valentine’s Day evening together. Restaurants, movie theaters and hotels are all popular destinations. Weddings are also often held on the 14th February.

In the past, Valentine’s Day was mainly for couples in love. Today, many people give gifts to friends and family as well as romantic partners.

Why are Valentine’s Day Cards so Popular?

The tradition of sending cards on Valentine’s Day dates back at least four centuries, but it’s only in the last 100 years that it’s become so widespread. Millions of Valentine’s Day cards are produced and sent each year to partners, friends and family.

A legend says that this practice started because St. Valentine wrote a card on the eve of his death, which was signed “From Your Valentine.” Even though this story cannot be confirmed, sending cards is now a major part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Is Valentine’s Day an Official Holiday?

Valentine’s Day, despite its popularity, is not a public holiday in the United States. Public workers are required to work on the 14th and it’s uncommon for people to get the day off in private industries too. This is the same in many other countries, including the United Kingdom.

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated Around the World?

People in different countries celebrate Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways. These include:

  • In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is called “the day of the Enamored” and is celebrated on June 12th. Chocolates, flowers and other gifts are exchanged between couples.
  • In Vietnam, couples wear the same color or style of clothes on Valentine’s Day.
  • Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day twice. On February 14th, chocolates are given to boys by girls. Boys then give cookies to girls they like a month later on March 14th.

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